Project description:

This is a 55-storey skyscraper built in the CityLife area of Milan. From an architectural point of view, Isozaki’s idea was to create a slender skyscraper that “will be projected into the sky”. The designer conceived the entire tower as a sequence of eight six-storey “modules”, 61 metres wide and 24 metres deep. The project was inspired by the Infinite Column, a sculpture created in the 1930s by Constantin Brancusi.


As in all projects in this field, the Biagiotti company interfaces with the customer in order to provide consultancy in the field of metal carpentry. If requested, it is able to develop the entire project from the customer’s general working drawings. In addition to providing the supporting elements of the section, it also makes the aesthetically relevant structural steelwok such as entrances, glass mullion and traverse systems, roofs, shelters and whatever else the customer requires.

  • Arata Isozaki - Architectural designer
  • Andrea Maffei - Architectural designer