Project description:

The new atrium is a mixed steel and glass structure. The building’s ventilated facade and fence are made of COR-TEN steel, a material that is particularly resistant to corrosion and tensile stress, creating a compact surface coating that protects the structure from weathering and electrochemical attack. The new shelters are made of COR-TEN steel pillars and covered with false ceilings made of AlucoBond®, an extremely light, impact and weather resistant material.


The Biagiotti company was responsible for the execution of the entire project, using its own construction skills in order to meet the construction and architectural requirements of the client. In addition to the assembly of the metal carpentry, the project also involved the aesthetic finishing of the shelter with AlucoBond® panels, the ventilated facade with COR-TEN sheet metal panels, and the assembly of the large windows. The construction site involved a workforce of 10 people for almost a year.

  • RFI - Architectural designer