Classes of execution: EXC1-EXC2-EXC3-EXC4

In the field of construction, metal carpentry, building and civil engineering must be placed on the EU market with the CE marking in accordance with the UNI EN 1090 certification standard.

In July 2014, the year the standard came into force, Biagiotti was qualified with a RINA accredited body.  This has enabled it to issue CE certificates according to EXC4 execution class for steelwork.

From May 2020, it has obtained the same certification for aluminium carpentry.

Biagiotti is able to manufacture, according to the required standards, CE marked metal carpentry for the following materials: carbon steel, stainless steel, duplex, Cor-Ten, aluminium.

Welding of workpieces is Biagiotti's core business. Biagiotti carries out partial or full penetration welding with non-destructive visual, magnetoscopic, liquid penetrant and ultrasonic testing in accordance with the standards and project specifications.

In addition to welded structural metalwork, Biagiotti S.r.l. can supply semi-finished products bearing the CE mark, such as laser-cut sheets, bent sheets and more.