Biagiotti srl has implemented its System of Management of Health and Safety at Work (SGSL) in accordance with the UNI ISO 45001:2018 standard.

Biagiotti srl, within the framework of its consolidated traditions of conduct of fair and responsible business, is committed to pursuing the best possible conditions of Occupational Safety and Health (SSL) with reference to the principles of prevention and continuous improvement and in an appropriate way to the nature and extent of SSL risks.

Responsibility for the management of SSL concerns the entire organization, from the Employer to each worker; each is called upon to make its own active contribution, according to its own responsibilities and competences.

Employees of Biagiotti srl, whose physical and moral integrity is considered a primary value, are guaranteed working conditions respectful of individual dignity, in safe and healthy working environments.

Biagiotti srl employees must strive to ensure accident prevention, ensure safety and hygiene and personally contribute to the maintenance of SSL, scrupulously complying with the provisions of the Occupational Safety and Health Management System (SGSL) prepared and all the procedures and instructions that are part of it. The key objective of the System is also to improve employee awareness of SSL.

Biagiotti srl undertakes to consult and participate in the SSL aspects of workers and their representatives.

In carrying out every work activity Biagiotti srl guarantees training and information to all workers and assures them means and protective devices required by current legislation, in relation to the type of activity carried out.

Biagiotti srl, implementing and maintaining the SGSL provides for the periodic review and continuous monitoring of its performance and efficiency in terms of SSL.