Generalities (Mission/Strategies)

To complete an evolutionary cycle that has characterized a constant improvement of the product as well as the technologies and techniques used practiced since the company’s inception, the Management of Biagiotti S.r.l., has decided to continue along the path of application of a Quality Management System according to the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standard as the best solution to make the work objective and evident, the experience and professionalism acquired to pursue customer satisfaction.
In a highly competitive market, the Company has identified the satisfaction of the needs of the customer and all interested parties as the winning means to consolidate relations with those already acquired and to contact new ones.
The strategic objectives that the Directorate-General intends to achieve are different and can be grouped as follows:

A. Continuous improvement of company performance both in terms of product and services provided.
B. Maintain the satisfaction of the customer and of all the whole parts through compliance with both the specifications inherent in the product, those defined by the state of the art, and those                provided by the same;
C. Cost reduction.

Company policy is disseminated at all levels of the company through meetings and on the job through the example of the Management itself and the referent for quality.
The Company Policy is periodically re-examined, to evaluate its adequacy, during the reviews of the system by the Management.

In the context of strategic objectives, medium/short-term objectives are defined from time to time during management reviews.
The commitments undertaken during the review with a view to achieving the objectives are set out in the plans developed for each individual objective.

Once the management has identified the qualitative objectives to be pursued, it identifies the following aspects in the management’s annual review:

• Target to reach.
• Resources necessary to achieve the goal (men, means, etc.).
• Times and ways.
• Possible economic quantification.

The achievement of the objectives is monitored at the meetings of the Strategic Committee and is finalled at the subsequent review of the management.

Terre Roveresche, 08/01/2018